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Jul/Aug 2018 • 21 "compromise puppy" (for being a mix of dog breeds that both Stumler and Watts wanted) Stumler initially did not pur- chase Harley with the intention of enter- ing her in agility competitions. "When I would go to class at Misty's I would come home and do the lessons with Harley, too, and after a few months it was like, 'Okay, she's actually pretty good at this!'" Stum- ler said. Just like Gunner, Harley initially displayed some difficulties adjusting to the training. For instance, Stumler noted that Harley displayed a determination to crawl under jumps instead of jump- ing over them. However, Harley eventu- ally began to progress more and more. Stumler began taking Harley to her own classes. Harley's collection of achievements is astonishing. In the AKC National Agil- ity Championship, Harley placed in the finals twice: once placing third in 2014 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and second in 2017 in Perry, Georgia. During the 2017 competitive season, Harley entered finals as the No. 1 seed with the highest cumu- lative score. She has won championships both in AKC and the United States Dog Agility Association, and she recently par- ticipated in the Westminster Kennel Club Master Agility Championship. Harley was ready as always to give it her all. "She just goes out there and gets it done," Stumler said. Harley's perfor- mance netted an eventual fourth-place finish in the 24-Inch (height) Division. Harley is also a cancer survivor who just last year had mast cell tumors removed from her leg. Training a pair of star athletes is not the stopping point for Stumler. She is cur- rently training a third member of the team named Magnum and plans to continue training dogs. She said that dogs of all lev- els of experience and competitiveness can find a home within agilities. • Erin Stumler belongs to a local AKC Club named Agility Canines of Southern Indiana, which can be found on Facebook at "ACSI Agility Club." For more information on the major agility or- ganizations, visit their websites: American Kennel Club (, United States Dog Agility Association (, Canine Per- formance Events (, North Ameri- can Dog Agility Council ( Pictured: (this page, from top, clockwise) Harley, a cancer survivor,, poses with his many ribbons and awards; Gunner poses with his ribbons and awards earned over his decade long career. Erin training both of her dogs. (left hand page, from top) Erin Stumler with her boxer Harley; Erin training her dogs on a practice agility course.

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