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May/June 2018 • 43 C elebrating its 40th anniversary in the community this year, Berry Twist is not just another ice cream shop — it's part of the Floyds Knobs community. Josh and Lind- sey Libs bought the business on Paoli Pike in late 2016 and hit the ground running. "We built a house, got married and opened the Berry Twist all within a few weeks," Josh said. The couple bought Berry Twist in the off-season, giving them time to learn the products, meet with vendors and work on the finances. "We wanted to make sure those things didn't slip through the cracks so that when we opened in March, no one would feel that transition," Josh said. Both Josh's and Lindsey's families own businesses, so the entrepreneurial spirit came naturally. After seeing Berry Twist for sale on Facebook, they decided it was the right opportunity. "It was a right time, right place where we wanted to do something that was our own business, but also it was the fact that it was Berry Twist with our mem- ories," Josh said. Josh and Lindsey both grew up go- ing to Berry Twist. "And even a selfish motive, we didn't want the Berry Twist to change since we loved it so much," Josh said. "We kind of felt like we almost owed it to the community and to ourselves." The previous owners had also been a young engaged couple when they pur- chased Berry Twist, so it seems a natural progression to pass it down to the Libses. "If they're still together 60-plus later, than we can make it work and have a suc- cessful marriage and business and family as well," Josh said. "For them it was look- ing in the past, for us it was kind of look- ing in the future." The previous owners were available to be in the store for the first year of the Libses' ownership. Making it through that first season in 2017 is what makes Lindsey the most proud. "Last season on closing day when we got home, I think I cried, I was like, 'We did it, we did a season,'" she said. "We made it our own pretty quickly and figured it out." "My biggest fear was being labeled as the couple that screwed up Berry Twist," Josh said. Lindsey said the most challenging aspect has been getting used to managing about 35 employees. "It's a lot of responsibility. You're getting texts and calls almost nonstop all day every day," she said. "It's challenging, but it's all rewarding." Josh said he's unable to be present as - Josh Libs Special Section: Summer Fun Pictured: (this page, top) A cup of Berry Acai Sorbet, with two "pup cups" - a special treat for canine friends; (this page, bot- tom, and left-hand page) Berry Twist was moved to its current location at 3660 Paoli Pike in 2011.

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