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May/ June 2018 • 24 H ave you blamed winter for sabotaging your weight loss goals or causing weight? Many may let bad winter weather, holiday parties, and comfort foods be the excuse to not exercise and to make poor food choices. Don't delay incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine, because summer can just as dangerous to your health and waistline. Alcohol and indulgent foods are often a part of summer activities such as grill-outs, vacations, and festivals. A margarita, and several other cocktails can have anywhere between 200-300 calories - and that's if you limit yourself to just one! Pair that cocktail with other common grill-out foods, a cheeseburger and potato salad, and you've easily consumed close to 1,000 calories in one meal. And let's not forget about the stop at the local ice cream shop. A small cone will tack on an addi- tional 250 calories. That's almost a day's worth of calories in one meal. Summer doesn't have to ruin your diet and health goals. Here are a few tips that will help you stay healthy, feel confi- dent, and keep off the additional pounds. • Weekend calories count! Eating well and exercising during the work week cannot make up for a weekend splurge. Choose to be choosey! Limit your weekend indulgence to just one meal, but don't let that one meal be the reason you eat poorly all day or weekend long. Stick to a healthy eat- ing and exercise routine the rest of the weekend. • There's always a healthy version of your favorite foods. If you're going to a party, bring a few of your own snacks and entrées to share. You can swap whole-wheat buns for tradi- tional hamburger buns, turkey burg- ers for beef burgers, and fresh fruit instead of calorie-dense sides, such as coleslaw or baked beans (or make a healthy version!). Making these small changes not only decreases calories, but it increases the heart-health ben- efits of your meal by reducing satu- rated fats and increasing fiber. • Move your body! The high sum- mer temps can keep people away from some outdoor activities, but intentional activity is important for maintaining a healthy life. If the heat bothers you, try getting outside in the morning for a walk or jog while the temperature is cooler. You can also get together with friends and fam- ily later in the evening when the sun starts to go down for group activities such as tennis or ultimate frisbee. Don't forget everyone's favorite way to cool down – swimming! • Don't drink your calories! The sugar from regular sodas, sweet tea, lem- onade, juice, and sports drinks can add 200 – 300 calories to your meal (or more!). To quench your thirst, try fruit-infused water. Alcoholic drinks can also be packed with empty calo- ries that promote fat production. Lim- iting your alcohol intake is always the first step to controlling calories, but there other options for enjoying your favorite cocktail. Try mixing drinks with soda water, reduced-sugar juices or sugar-free drink mixes instead of with regular soft drinks. If you prefer beer, choose light instead of regular. Remember to avoid drinking on an empty stomach to help slow down the absorption of alcohol. • Real Life Nutrition Maji Koetter, Ali, MS, RD, LD, CD, is a licensed registered dietitian at Baptist Health Floyd special - izing in diabetes and weight management. She uses a real-life approach to nutrition when counseling her clients, and encour - ages them to strive for progress not perfection. She is passionate about helping everyone find their own way to living their happiest and healthiest lives. About the Author Successful Cookouts Tips for eating healthy at summer gatherings Handcrafted Barn, Mill & House Plaques Barn, mill or house plaques are handcrafted into a THREE DIMENSIONAL PLAQUE from redeemed barn wood Award Winning Designated Scott County Indiana Artisan by IN Arts Commission in 2010 & Bicentennial Barns of Indiana by 2016 Bicentennial Commission We do custom plaques (traditional or framed) Dorrel Harrison, Artist 812-889-3369 | Country Dreams B&B Millersburg, OH Lanier Mansion Madison, IN Collins Funeral Home Scottsburg, IN Heritage Museum Scottsburg, IN Rabbit Hill Simpsonville, KY Floyd Memorial Foundation's 32 nd Annual Golf Classic Reception: June 7, 2018 Golf: June 8, 2018 Register online at 812.949.5519

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