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July/August 2017 T he warm Southern Indiana sum- mer breeze fills our heads with images of friends and family en- joying dreamy backyard barbe- cues with easy summer foods — and so- cial media is right there with us. Everyone may not be siĴing around the patio table clicking away on Facebook and TwiĴer (although that is a distinct possibility if you don't set some media rules for your party). But social media now includes advertising to tantalize us with products that will assist us in mak- ing that easy, breezy dinner. Just how good are these products and do we really need them? To make sure your money isn't wasted, I took the risk of wasting mine, and two products caught my eye. Scrolling through Facebook, I found the answer to all of my salad-making woes! With just a few clicks, an opportuni- ty was conveniently presented to purchase a Salad/Vegetable CuĴer Bowl for just $15.99, plus shipping and handling. This item caught my aĴention because I am a devotee of chopped salads. After I saw the product on social media, I checked the Internet for a less- expensive version. There were many vari- eties and prices for the cuĴer bowl, but all of them had the downside of being rather small (sized for a large one-person sal- ad). I purchased a bowl on Amazon made by Fab Quality and it arrived within two days. The Fab Quality bowl comes with a veggie peeler, but do not let that entice you toward this brand. I threw the peeler away because it was flimsy and ineffec- tive. With Amazon Prime, the cost was $13 with no shipping charges. The bowl worked just as advertised. Once the veg- gies and leĴuce pieces are cleaned inside the bowl, you flip it upside down on the flat piece and begin slicing through the slots with a large, sharp knife. Within a minute, I flipped the bowl and had a beau- tifully chopped salad (with only a couple of larger pieces of carrot remaining). Us- ing the salad cuĴer bowl saved me sev- eral minutes because I didn't have to chop each item individually. The bowl isn't an absolute must- have item, but it does save some time and produced small pieces so that every bite was full of flavor. It is easy to clean, and using the bowl keeps the knife away from delicate fingers. I will most likely use this nifty salad cuĴer for a while, but since I usually cut salads for more than one per- son, the bowl will eventually be stored in a remote cabinet and forgoĴen. The salad cuĴing bowl isn't as useful as duct tape. The next item I reviewed is a must- have for all of the clean-freaks in your life. Last fall a cool gadget, the Platinum Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Brush, caught my eye online and I pitched it into my cart. The box features a picture of a large device that appears to be steam- cleaning a grill. The device doesn't actually put out steam; instead a gas or electric grill must be heated on high and a charcoal grill should be caught while it's still very hot. The de- vice is filled with water that slowly pours out ahead of the wire bristles. This causes the steam that makes it considerably eas- ier to scrape away grease and barbecue char from the individual cooking grates. The Grill Daddy provides a wel- come relief to the unsanitary challenge of slapping steaks on top of burned flecks of leftover food from the previous week. There is more than one version of the Grill Daddy. While the Platinum Grill Daddy costs around $38 (this version in- cludes an extra brush), the original Grill Daddy should cost no more than $15 at most stores (I found it recently at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10). The more ex- pensive model appears to be sturdier for those who are brute barbecue chefs or for those who cook out often and like to keep their grill grates extremely clean. (Just be careful when walking to the grill after fill- ing the brush tank with water, because it drips even when it's turned off. I suggest carrying it from the house to the grill with a paper towel.) The grill cleaner is equally as im- pressive as duct tape. Our old grill has not looked this good since it was taken out of the box. Bring on the steaks, burgers and veggies! • Carol Dawson is a Jefferson- ville resident and owner of EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. This column will reflect various products Dawson has found that may make our Southern Indiana lives a bit easier. Comments can be emailed to: Summer Meal Helpers Life Beyond Duct Tape Our old grill has not looked this good since it was taken out of the box. Using the salad cutter bowl saved me several minutes because I didn't have to chop each item individually.

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