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JUL-AUG 2012

Southern Indiana Living magazine is the exclusive publication of the region, offering readers a wide range of coverage on the people, places and events that make our area unlike any other. In SIL readers will find beautiful photography, encouraging s

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A little about It is an absolute joy bit for us to tell you about what is going on in Southern Indiana! So, we thought we'd turn the tables. us... // karen hanger publisher // hometown: Marengo, Ind. (I've lived within a 30-mile radius my entire life. // what made you interested in SIL? I was born with ink in my blood. My great-grandparents owned a com- munity newspaper, my grandfather was an editor, my mother was an editor and my father was a printer. I cut my teeth on a linotype (hot met- al type), so when I left my job of 30 years in newspapers I wanted to do something in publishing ... I lived it, I breathed it, I loved it. It would al- ORZ PH WR KDYH D ÁH[LEOH VFKHGXOH WR spend more time with my family. It would give me the freedom to attend my grandchildren's recitals, games and school programs. // the best part about living here? The caring, loving people. // then why do you drive to lexing- ton, ky., so much? Because that is -XO\ $XJXVW • // sam bowles editor // hometown: Marengo, Ind., though I grew up in my grandpar- ents' general store/gas station, The 64 Market, a few miles down State Road 64 in Taswell, Ind. // school: Crawford County High School, class of 2004. University of Southern Indiana, class of 2008 with a degree in English. // family: ,·P WKH ROGHVW RI ÀYH ER\V (the youngest will be a 4th-grader). // favorite part of working with SIL? I don't really fancy myself a "journalist," as I have no train- LQJ DQG OLWWOH H[SHULHQFH EXW , thoroughly enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. In a year, I have been to so many great places and met so many wonderful people that I might never have had the privilege of meeting otherwise. // so you ride a motorcycle? I bought // abby laub creative director // hometown: Argyle, N.Y. Cur- UHQWO\ OLYH LQ /H[LQJWRQ .\ 'RQ·W ask me how many times I moved in between. // school: Argyle Central School, class of 2001. Palm Beach Atlantic University, class of 2005, Journal- ism // family: World's best husband, -Hff 'RJ 0XUÀH ,·P RQH RI ÀYH siblings, including an identical twin sister. My family lives all over the globe so we don't see each oth- er nearly as often as we'd like. // favorite part of working with SIL? :RUNLQJ ZLWK .DUHQ DQG 6DP is the best. We are a great team, and I love watching the magazine get better with every publication, thanks to our readers, writers and advertisers. I've enjoyed learning more about Southern Indiana. My husband is from Louisville, but I had never ventured across the river.

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