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Jan/Feb 2019 • 41 (an 18-by-24-inch oil on canvas, displayed in the gallery), is an impressionistic ren- dering of the Scott County Fair, with its ferris wheel and whirl of color. More than a few of Ryan's paintings have become part of downtown Scotts- burg. The City Hall office of April Ramoni is home to his "Lake Iola" (a 16-by-20-inch oil on canvas), which depicts the gazebo and lake of this Scottsburg landmark. Also in Ramoni's office, "Courtyard at Night" (another 16-by-20-inch oil on canvas), captures the way spotlights and lamps il- luminate and complement the courthouse after dark. Ryan's art is also displayed in the office of the mayor of Scottsburg. Ryan has played an active role in the rejuvenation of public spaces throughout the downtown area. Along with Ramoni, he took the lead on a mural painted on the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum Barn. This mural depicts a scene from Scott County history — the 1868 train robbery at Marshfield, just north of Scottsburg, by the notorious Reno gang. He has also taken the lead on several to- mato-themed paintings created for Scott County's "Materfest," an annual festival celebrating the county's agricultural and canning history, and he has designed light sculptures and murals for the down- town revitalization project. In addition, Ryan gives art lessons to all ages, and features his students' work in the gallery. He is thrilled to be able to offer exhibition opportunities to so many, since exhibition can not only be personally vali- dating but can be an important step in the development of students who may apply to art schools or for a job in the art field. In a small town like Scottsburg, an art gallery is still a place to build commu- nity, exchange ideas, meet up with friends and make new connections. It's a true so- cial network. Ryan and Kayla Heacock's leap of faith has opened new possibilities for many. • You can learn more about Heacock's Eastside Gallery on their Facebook page: heacockseastsidegallery. In a small town like Scottsburg, an art gallery is still a place to build community, exchange ideas, meet up with friends and make new connections. Pictured: (left hand page, top) mural on Scott County Heriage Center's Museum Barn; (left hand page, bottom) Ryan's "Water Tower" painting, located in city hall outside of the Mayor's office. (right hand page, top) Ryan and April helped with the design of this statue for the Materfest; (right hand page, bottom) the exterior of Heacock's Eastside Gallery, located at 183 East McClain Avenue in Scottsburg, Indiana.

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