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Nov/Dec 2018 • 41 and missionaries carried the load on this trip. They organized, set up, and worked harder than we did. They speak the lan- guage and directed patients through our little mazes of clinic setups. They also were the ones who had to tell patients when we could not help them, were out of glasses or simply could not get to them because of the line. They took the brunt of a crowd's anger. They also are the ones left with the difficult task of follow-up. We were able to make notes on our forms for people that needed pastoral or social follow-ups. The local pastors took these forms and will check in on these people from time to time, trying to make sure they continue the care and recom- mendations we gave them. Hopefully, as we have all communi- cated with our local churches and friends back home, the awareness of the plight of these people will benefit those of you who have read about our adventure, prayed for us and listened to our excitement as we tried to convey our experiences. I hope that through our testimonies and stories as well as plans for future trips, we can motivate people we touch to par- ticipate with us. I encourage anyone read- ing this to avoid glossing over that news article on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict because you don't know much about it. If you know me, ask me. Get motivated to look beyond baseball and football scores, Facebook and Pinterest, and our country's politics. There's a whole world out there struggling and we can help. You don't have to pick up and go there. You can sim- ply be aware, read and research, and most importantly, pray! The trip we made is nothing if it was not done for God's glory and not ours. I would ask that you pray for three things. First, pray that in God's time, the civil war will end and the economy of eastern Ukraine will be restored so that the people there can have resources for food, shelter and other basics for survival. Second, pray for our in-country church members, their pastors and missionaries that they may be strengthened and supported in their ef- forts. Third, pray that good fruit will come from our trip, whether to the villagers, the travelers or those who read about our ad- venture. Benefit comes in many forms. It is still too early to tell, but I would project that two to three years from now, I will say that I benefited the most. • Lyell has been a practicing family physician since 1994 who practices part-time family medicine with his wife, Gena, (a family nurse practitioner) as a part of Baptist Health Floyd in Corydon and serves as Medical Director of Informatics for a large hospital system in Kentucky and Indiana. But probably, the most important thing we did was listen. Even if for a few minutes, we were someone new who would listen to their stories. Pictured: (this page, top) Dr. Lyell and Dr. Jim Howard evaluate a Ukraian woman with hearing loss. (this page, bottom) An American medical team, along with interpreters and missionaries, pray before the start of the day's clinic in eastern Ukraine. Pictured: (right hand page) A young Ukranian boy blows bubbles while his mother and grandmother discuss his health with Dr. Lyell and his interpreter Dimitri.

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