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July/Aug 2016 • 35 There are numer- ous barriers that prevent people from graduating, but in adult education, the goal is to take a person at their current level and assist them in overcoming the barriers to acquire the high school equivalency and transition to postsecondary education or training that will lead to a self-sustaining occupation. Twenty free classes are available in 17 different locations. Call the Region 10 office at 812.981.3777 to get started. According to the Indiana Business Research Center, American Community Survey, there are 22,396 adults aged 18-64 without a high school diploma or equiv- alent in Region 10 of South- ern Indiana. This includes Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Craw- ford, Scott, and Washington Counties. The goal for Adult Education in Indiana is to double its enrollment in the next 5 years. In Region 10, the enrollment in 5 years should be at least 2,000 students. Although the high school graduation rates climb each year, there are still too many people in the community who do not pos- sess a high school diploma or equivalency (HSE). Some have been home schooled and did not take the final assessments; some had personal problems with poverty, drugs, alcohol, or violence; some moved away and did not finish their high school education when they returned; and some received a certificate of completion instead of a diploma. Adult Education Aims for 2,000 Enrolled Students Indiana's High School Equivalency Test Adult Education Opportunities Let us help you achieve academic success! Region 10 Offers: H i g h S c h o o l E q u i v a l e n c y C l a s s e s A c c u p l a c e r T e s t i n g a n d R e m e d i a t i o n T o o l s C o l l e g e & C a r e e r P r e p a r a t i o n O c c u p a t i o n a l T r a i n i n g O p p o r t u n i t i e s A p p r e n t i c e s h i p O p p o r t u n i t i e s E m p l o y m e n t A s s i s t a n c e M o n t h l y M i n i J o b F a i r s E n g l i s h L a n g u a g e A c q u i s i t i o n C l a s s e s R e g i o n 1 0 A d u l t E d u c a t i o n p a r t n e r s w i t h W o r k O n e , G o o d w i l l o f S o . I n d i a n a , V o c a t i o n a l R e h a b i l i t a t i o n , I v y T e c h C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e , b u s i n e s s e s , i n d u s t r i e s a n d s o c i a l s e r v i c e o r g a n i z a t i o n s t o h e l p s t u d e n t s t r a n s i t i o n i n t o a c a r e e r . O u r t r a n s i t i o n s p e c i a l i s t s a r e a v a i l a b l e t o a s s i s t s t u d e n t s w i t h t h e i r e d u c a t i o n a l a n d c a r e e r n e e d s . In 2014, Indiana adopted the new High School Equivalency (HSE) exam. Harrison County Lifelong Learning administers the test for Region 10.There are test- ing locations in several cities, including New Albany, Jeffer- sonville, Salem, Corydon and Scottsburg. The HSE is a rigor- ous exam which consists of 5 sections; Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. There are three forms of the HSE available each year in English and Spanish. Additionally, there is an accommodations process and large print, Braille, and audio tests are available. To be eligible for the HSE test, students must not hold a diploma form an ac- credited high school or its equivalent, must be a state resident for a minimum of 30-days preceding the day of testing and either be offi- cially exited from high school or 18 years of age. Additionally, students must provide a government issued photo identification at the time of test registra- tion. For more infor- mation about the HSE test and its components and requirements, please contact Harrison County Lifelong Learning at 812.738.7736.

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